Does it feel like you need to have a Ph.D.
to run the newest ECA tool?

You Now Have a Choice With Allegro

Unstructured data is complex enough, your early case assessment tool shouldn’t make things more complicated. Allegro can quickly turn large amounts of unknown data into small, manageable collections of known data, intuitively organized and represented in dynamic charts and timelines that anyone can understand. Get to the data quicker, make decisions faster, and leave the rocket science behind with Allegro.

Allegro can help you get to the big picture faster and better than ever before with:

  • High-speed ingestion of both native and forensic image files
  • Dynamic charts, graphs, and timelines that allow you to interactively cull based on numerous criteria
  • Direct export to Eclipse review platform or any web based review-tool of your choice
  • No per gigabyte pricing, keeping fees economical and providing budget certainty

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